Why I Love Erotic Romance Novels

Because what’s not to love, right ladies? With the world so focused on men’s needs, a cozy erotic romance is a perfect escape to remind yourself that you deserve the absolute best! Whatever you may ever want in a man or from him :wink:, or just to spice up your sex life a little more, you can find in your next read.

Personally, I picked up my first erotic romance after drowning in multiple worlds of thrillers, horror, and mysteries and coming up with the conclusion that there was something missing. Cut to today, when I still read all those sub-genres, but with a little romance sprinkled on them like a rainbow. Because c’mon, you have to agree, everything’s better with a little romance!

When you can have your wildest fantasies splattered over pages while reading an entertaining story, why settle for less? No reason to give your love for romance another thought, just pick your favorite one. Curl in that cozy corner of the house and escape into your perfect world.

1. The Escort - Complete Series by Lucia Jordan

Bea is drawn into the seductive world of the ultra-rich by the two Wallace Brothers after she reluctantly decides to cover her flatmate’s appointment as their escort. The two men are accustomed to getting what they want, and when the naive and inexperienced Bea shows up as their date for the evening, they begin a whirlwind relationship that will change her, and the two brothers, forever.
The Escort by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.


2. Rub Me The Right Way by Amy Brent

When Cassandra decides to get a ‘yoni massage’ she was expecting excitement, but when her massager turns out to be an ex-flame who is determined to give her the Os she needed, the excitement gets out of hand. He has decided to give the deepest, longest, hardest massage she has ever experienced.
Rub Me The Right Way by author Amy Brent. Book One cover.


3. Bad Seed by Rye Hart

Theresa’s life completely changes when the man she has always wanted but could never have returned to town. He is her brother’s best friend who has sworn to protect her from the danger looming over her head. But what if he decides to make her his own just as she has always dreamt of?
Bad Seed by author Rye Hart. Book One cover.


4. Obsession by Brooke Page

A story about love and finding a safe haven in the most unexpected places. She was happy till she got transferred to Miami. There, working with Mitch Conklin, the site manager, she thought she had found love again. Until HE found her and now no one is safe.
Drawn to Obsession by author Brooke Page. Prequel cover.


5. Vegas Baby by Amy Brent

An unexpected passionate night in Vegas leaves her with a stranger’s wedding ring on her fingers and his baby in her belly. She panics and runs away. When she receives divorce papers three months later, she believes things could get better again. The feeling only lasts a few blissful seconds before he sees her swollen pregnancy feet and the ‘oh so cute’ baby bump.
Vegas Baby by author Amy Brent. Book One cover.


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