billionaire romance novels

The best of billionaire romance novels from Wild Hearts Romance.

He’s the man that’s got it all. He lives in a mansion and holidays on his private island. And of course, he’ll fly there on his private jet.

Perhaps he’s the CEO, the entrepreneur that struck it rich or was born into a world-dominating business dynasty. Wherever the wealth comes from, it’s more than enough for several lifetimes of luxury.

But the billionaire is more that just his money. He’s also completely and undeniably smouldering hot. He wears a suit like he models for Zegna and has the looks of a Hollywood A Lister.

The billionaire has it all. Except one thing. You guessed it. The hero does not have his heroine. When he lies on his 5000 thread count sheets at night, there’s something missing. Because what’s the point of all the wealth in the world if there’s no one the share it with?

Plenty of women throw themselves at him, but none of them have what it takes to reach his heart. Until he meets her.

Maybe she’s down on her luck. Or looking to climb the corporate ladder. Or just falls face first on his office floor. One thing is likely: she’s plucky with plenty of spirit. And when he sees her, it’s going to be like the last piece of the puzzle just fell into place.

Once he knows that she’s the woman to complete him, he will leave no expense spared in showing her that he can give her the world if she will give him her love.

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Pregnant for Grumpy Billionaire Daddy-Dom by author Dolliana Jeffries. Book Two cover.
Faking With My Grumpy Billionaire by author Olivia Pearl book cover.
Season of Desire by author Lisa Cullen book cover.
Boss's Hidden Secrets by author Serenity Raine book cover.
The Deceived by author Christy Anderson book cover.
Savio by author L.K. Ryan. Book One cover.
Season of Malice by author Lisa Cullen book cover.
Grump Daddy's Baby by author Josie Hart book cover.
Very Bad Things by author Alexis Winter book cover.
The Daddy Issues Boxset by author Everleigh Green book cover.