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We understand the importance of privacy on the web and for our users. Remember to review the Privacy Policy before using any website intricately if you are concerned about your privacy.

Personal Information

When signing up for our weekly emails, you voluntarily submit your first name, email address and device type (Apple / iBook Store / ePub or Amazon Kindle / PDF). We also log the IP address of submitted forms for verification and spam-checking purposes. This information is used to provide you with email newsletters including free romance novels and other updates about Wild Hearts Romance.

When submitting an entry and signing up for a competition on our website, you voluntarily submit your first name and email address. We also log the IP address of submitted forms for verification, spam-checking and confirming fair entry/play for our competitions. This information is used to contact you if you are successful in winning the competition, along with providing you with our free ebooks and information about our publications.


The Wild Hearts Romance website has various security measures and software in place to protect the data of our users and administrators. Security features we use include and are not limited to an SSL certificate and regularly updating running components of our website where possible.


We keep and monitor technical logs. These technical logs are used for the purposes of enhancing the performance of our website, stopping spam and improving the experience for our users. These technical logs may include the time in which a user performed an action.

Analytics and Tracking

This website uses Google Analytics. This provides us with information such as the number of visitors we receive, where they are coming from, their devices, the pages visited and other information that Google Analytics offers. We use this information to improve our website and the user experience.


Users can modify settings and features of their web browser to potentially stop/block cookies.

External Links

This website includes external links to our social media pages and websites where you can purchase our books. Wild Hearts Romance and its administrators are not responsible for the privacy practices/privacy policies of these external websites.