about wild hearts romance

Wild Hearts Romance is a boutique Erotic Romance Publisher.

We specialize in developing short series for our dedicated and loyal readership and have over 1000 titles published and an audience that is rapidly growing.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce.

All our stories are original and conceived with the help of our in-house editors and geared towards our specific audience.

Truth or Dare by author Amy Brent. Book One cover.
Love Contract by author Lindsey Hart. Book One cover.
Thick as an Outlaw by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.
Road to Ruin by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.
Corrupted by author Kathryn Thomas. Book One cover.
Rough as an Outlaw by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.
Missy Mischief by author Victoria Snow. Book One cover.
Auctioned as a Christmas Gift by author Genelia Love. Book One cover.
6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas by author Rye Hart. Book One cover.
An Innocent Christmas by author Katy Kaylee. Book One cover.


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