erotic romance novels

The best Erotic Romance Novels from Wild Hearts Romance.

Are you ready for something a little stronger? Erotic romance goes way beyond the ‘fade to black’ closed door narratives of old-fashioned romance and takes us deep into the sexual world of the hero and heroine.

Expect a whole lot of steam and multiple sex scenes. While many contemporary romances will contain sex scenes, it’s usually a welcome result of a fulfilled plot. In erotic romance, the sex compels the plot forward.

Plenty of erotic romances are focused on an extraordinary experience of ordinary sex, but there are also many niches to be discovered beyond vanilla. Whatever your kink might be, there’s likely an erotic romance that includes it.

And while you can expect a hot read, you can also anticipate a satisfying storyline. Your regular romance hero with dashing good looks and his spirited heroine will still be present with as much depth and development as any contemporary romance.

So, switch your phone on silent, pour yourself a glass of wine and settle into a fantastic story with a whole lot of heat.

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Meeting Him: Ella Jane Part One by author Edward Green book cover.
Juan by author Crystal Dawn. Book One cover.
Blissful Masquerade by author Elira Firethorn. Book One cover.
MIRROR SECRET MIRROR by author Jessica Seaques book cover.
Lucy's Lovers by author Tatumn Dixon. Book One cover.
Triple or Nothing by author Susan Rossini. Book Three cover.
One Night with My Professor by author Chloe del Rey book cover.
Seducing Shelly by author Lacy Jane. Book Four cover.
Shared Accommodations by author Anna Ellis. Book One cover.
Goldie Locks and the Three Sexy Bear Shifters by author Lacy Jane. Book One cover.