alpha male romance novels

The best of alpha male romance novels from Wild Hearts Romance.

He’s bad, he’s brash and he’s entirely in control. The alpha hero takes whatever he wants, exactly when he wants it. And when that something is a someone, well, nothing will come between him and the object of his desire.

The alpha hero is super hot and super strong, and chances are, super rich as well. While the alpha heroes of old were wealthy landowners with lavish estates, in contemporary romance they’re more likely to be successful CEOs or hard partying rock stars.

While the alpha hero might sometimes be described as an alphahole, that doesn’t mean he is completely without a heart. In fact, when it comes to the love in his life, he will go to extreme measure to protect the one that he cares for. At any cost.

That being said, his heroine is sure to give him a run for his money. She might be sassy, sweet or smart, or a combination of all, but what’s certain is that she is going to challenge him on every level possible. Her strengths will help him overcome his (possibly many) weaknesses.

After all, they’re meant to complete each other.

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Hope by author H.M Irwing. Book One cover.
Inked by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.
Dirty by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.
Forsaken by author April Lust. Book One cover.
Dirty Talk by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.
Jenny's Voice by author Pandora Spocks. Book One cover.
Stoking the Embers by author Leslie Johnson. Book One cover.
Wicked by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.
Overdosed by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.
Flawed by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.