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Romantic Suspense Romance Novels from Wild Hearts Romance.

Romance is always about falling in love. But it’s more fun when someone gets murdered. Romantic suspense takes traditional romance and combines it with elements of intrigue, mystery and crime.

Our heroine has a problem. She’s being stalked, she’s missing someone close to her or something isn’t quite right in her world. Perhaps she’s a cop with a case she just can’t crack. Her only option is to enlist some help.

Enter the hero; often in the guise of FBI Agent, bodyguard, forensic expert or similar specialist. There’s plenty of endlessly entertaining variations. The one thing that’s certain is that he’ll be confident, capable and very hot.

Sparks are going to fly, but they‘re going to have to solve their mystery before they can get down to any other business.

However the chips decide to fall, you can be assured of a brilliant read that delivers a riveting mystery along with a heart warming romance and happily ever after. You’ll be sure to be turning the pages late into the night.

The fantastic romance novels from Wild Hearts Romance, a part of Creative Online Publishing Inc., are available for your Amazon Kindle and Apple Books account.

Queen Trick by author Charlii Darling. Book One cover.
Diamond by author JA Low. Book Two cover.
Secrets by author Aleatha Romig. Book One cover.
Her Monstrous Desires by author Jewels Arthur book cover.
Chloe's Cupid by author CB Samet book cover.
Hold Me Forever by author Alessa Kelly. Book One cover.
My Splendid Concubine by author Lloyd Lofthouse. Series cover.
Unbearable Arms by author Aya Morningstar. Book One cover.
SEALED To The Alpha Wolf by author Aya Morningstar. Book One cover.
Devour by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.