Drawn to Obsession by author Brooke Page. Prequel cover.


By Brook Page

Publisher Description

They say a fresh start means a new beginning, but that’s only true if your past doesn’t haunt you.

My name is Jamie Ray, and I’ve convinced myself that this time will be different.

I’ve moved in with my best friend after graduating from college, both of us determined to have one last hoorah of summer before we start our careers. I’m the edgy one, always cool and calm, ready for anything. Settling down isn’t even in my vocabulary.

But it’s all a facade.

Internally, I’m the opposite. Paranoid and constantly on high alert. living in fear that my past will sink its ugly teeth into me, draining my hopes to have a normal and happy life.

With moving across the state, new situations are arising, including a sexy stranger I’ve met at the bar. He’s bringing out foreign feelings inside of me that I’m not sure how to handle, and opening up to him is becoming appealing.

Maybe I’ve escaped my past, and I’m finally ready to start living…

Or maybe he just hasn’t found me yet.

This is the prequel in the Obsession Series by Brooke Page.



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