Starstruck by author Jayelle Dee. Book One cover.


By Jayelle Dee

Publisher Description

Lexi falls for the savior of her soul. But when she realizes she has to give him up in order to fulfill her dream, she knows it’s either heartache, or lose everything she’s worked for.

Despite the dark torment of her past back in Arkansas, Lexi reinvents herself in Los Angeles. Her southern accent, her naïve, mudskipper attitude; everything must change. She wants comfort and security. Maybe a rich older man who she can marry and bury while naively thinking she can be a star. With her buoyant optimism, she wins over the right people as she teaches herself to become a refined, high-caliber seductress worthy of Hollywood.

Taking a job at a bar that’s near a major studio, Lexi charms her way to a man who’ll open the door to her dreams of becoming an actress. But when she meets Kai, he steals her heart with his obsidian eyes and intense, gentle demeanor. Their connection is so strong, she nearly forgets her plan. She prepared for everything except falling in love. But one night with Kai derails her path and changes her destiny forever.



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