Grumpy Billionaire Boss by author C. R. Pearl book cover.

Grumpy Billionaire Boss

By C. R. Pearl

Publisher Description

A grumpy billionaire boss.

A fiery, independent virgin.

And an office romance that could destroy them both.

I knew that landing the lead marketing assistant role at such a prestigious firm would open many doors of opportunity for me, but when I met my new boss face to face for the first time, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

Julian Carter was my new grumpy billionaire boss who I very quickly discovered was absolutely impossible to please. Working in close proximity with him made our exchanges like fireworks, every day a new battle of wills that I couldn’t resist.

But beneath Julian’s tough exterior, there was a vulnerability that drew me in, and I found myself falling for him, despite the 10-year age gap.

The forbidden romance made my desire for him so much harder to deny. But if I gave in, I would be giving up something that I could never get back.

Because I wouldn’t just be giving him my heart.

I would be giving him my innocence too.



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