Sweet Rom-Com Romance: Cure for the aching hearts

Hey you, looking for your next read? Are you done with the thrillers and mysteries for a while, and just want a story that gives you the warmth of being wrapped up in your favorite blanket? Well, I’m here to help. This time I come bearing the romance trope version of chicken soup or whatever your preferred comfort food is. I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about, because c’mon, what else could it be? Yes, it’s rom-com romance, Nicholas Sparks meets more romance and sexy encounters. The sweet stories without many cliffhangers to give your heart a little break but don’t you worry, they are interesting enough to keep you hooked until the very end.

So, let me introduce you to my secret vault of the best rom-com romance novels that will fulfill all your desires and make you root for the amazing characters. Scroll down and start reading already, believe me, you’ll love them.

1. Believe by Katie Jones

Hope spent her whole life working hard to get the best grades. So, when she finally gets a full ride admission in a college far away from home, she jumps into the opportunity to leave every awful memory behind and start a new life. But after two months in the college, she realises that nothing has changed much, she still barely had any friends and spent all her time studying, but good for her because she didn’t have time for distractions anyway. Enter Micah Duncan, the dangerously handsome lead singer of the hottest band in the world, who sweeps Hope away for a whirlwind romance. She gets everything she never even knew she wanted, but will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a rockstar? Will she be able to focus on her dreams?

Believe by author Katie Jones. Book One cover.


2. Love Chaos by Ute Jackle

After her cheating ex-boyfriend kicks her out, Luca is stuck sharing a suit with the college bad boy, Ben Nowak. Except, he isn’t just brazen, he is brazenly sexy. He might be a jerk but is used to getting what he wants. Her plan was simple, avoid her roomie for the semester before she could move elsewhere. Everything was going just fine until one mix-up landed her in Ben’s bedroom and for the first time, her heart raced in front of him for completely different reasons.

Love Chaos by author Ute Jackle. Book One cover.


3. ManEater by Aleya Michelle

She knew what she wanted and how to get it. She knew they liked them dumb, so dumb she acted. She is a smart blonde who knows exactly how to get men in her bed fulfilling all her cravings. But she never wanted anything more, not even with Dan who lit every neuron in her body like a christmas tree. No, she knew exactly what she wanted from him, and knew exactly how to get it.

ManEater by author Aleya Michelle. Book One cover.


4. Extreme Close-Up by Julie Jaret

Taylor was ashamed of her life. Even after three years of her divorce with her ex, it seemed like her life hasn’t moved even an inch. She was deathly bored of her job as a catalogue photographer and hadn’t slept with anyone since her ex. And then one day, a gorgeous younger man appears in her life. She was about to dismiss him as one of the cruel games his evel husband has decided to play with her, but she quickly realizes she knew him. And that he was extremely off limits, she wishes that stopped him from fantasizing about him. But what if she had been his fantasy his whole life?

Extreme Close-Up by author Julie Jaret. Book One cover.


5. Layover Rules by Kate Dawes

Blair thought she got everything she ever wanted when she met Trevor, the sexy, wealthy and powerful alpha male who was just like the hero of every romance novel she ever read. But life with him was surprisingly nothing like those sweet stories. So, as soon as she discovered his secret that offered her an out of the relationship, she jumped on it, and vowed to keep men on the back burner for a while. She had a hugely successful career to focus on afterall. Sudden reappearance of an old acquaintance, Sam, puts a dent on her plan. She tries to keep her attraction to him on the downlow, but ultimately agrees to a casual arrangement. Will she be able to keep it casual for long, especially now that Trevor was trying to come back into her life?

Layover Rules by author Kate Dawes. Book One cover.


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