Alpha Male Romance Novels Can Keep You Out of Trouble

There is just something about the alpha hero who not only wants to make all the troubles go away for his love but also stakes a claim on what he believes is his with all the conviction in the world. Needless to say, there is absolutely no chance of running into someone like that in your real life, and just to be a bit reasonable here, if you do find someone like that, you should run in the other direction.

But that’s the thing about fantasies, it need not have anything to do with reality. What would be a definite red flag in real life, ends up turning you on despite yourself. So, here is the safest way of quenching your thirst without ending up in a toxic relationship. I have come up with a list of the best alpha male romance novels for you to gorge on. Let me know which one you liked the most.

1. Hands Tied by Zoey Parker

Detective Anna Grasso is new to the city. She is learning fast but has a long way yet to go. She accepted a favor to help out her partner and somehow ended up in the hands of a mob boss. Zico knows she is innocent. But that won’t stop him from shattering her. If she wants to get out of here, there’s only one thing to do: Get her own hands as dirty as his.

Hands Tied by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.


2. Unprotected by Zoey Parker

The only mistake Lily Erickson made was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But now that she has witnessed murders, the leader of the gang that runs the city is determined to keep her mouth shut, however possible. Even if it means making her submit to his every carnal need and putting a baby inside her. Everything turns even more complicated when a cop starts digging around. Can he keep her from blabbing everything any longer?
Unprotected by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.


3. Overdosed by Zoey Parker

When a little girl shows up on his doorstep and turns out to be his daughter, his world flips. He is the last man on this earth who should be caring for a child. He tries to find her mom, but she has disappeared without a trace. Just then, a woman knocks at the clubhouse door. He opens it and freezes, Jamie is a knockout, to say the least. She is Gigi’s teacher and she’s desperate to keep her favorite student safe. But as clues to Gigi’s mom’s disappearance crop up in new and unexpected places, the two of them clash and mesh with wild intensity.

Overdosed by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.


4. Rough as an Outlaw by Paula Cox

Bishop thinks he’s above the law and Agent Stella is here to prove him wrong. But it won’t be easy. Bishop is used to getting his way with women and it’s not hard to see why. He’s tall, alpha, dark, dominant. Every word is spoken like Stella was born to serve him. And the longer she is in his presence, the more she starts to think he might be right. But Bishop has demons below the surface. He thinks hurting people is the only way to live. Stella is determined to show him there’s another way or drag him into prison herself.
Rough as an Outlaw by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.


5. Hound by Kathryn Thomas

The hitman gave her a choice: a fake wedding or a bullet in her head. The loan shark who holds her father’s debts is sick and tired of waiting. So he sent his most dangerous man to collect what’s owed. But a lifelong downward spiral means her father has nothing to offer, except for me. As his only daughter, she is the last remaining collateral. Now, she is standing on an altar with a fake wedding ring on her finger but the look in Hound’s eyes says this wedding night will be more real and more savage than she ever could imagine.
Hound by author Kathryn Thomas. Book One cover.


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