Tempted Hearts: Love Beyond Time by author F.J. Steel book cover.

Tempted Hearts: Love Beyond Time

By F.J. Steel

Publisher Description

In a picturesque town just outside of Denver, where time seems to stand still, the sparks of forbidden love ignite. Josephine “Jo” Anderson, a sensual and wealthy widow, finds herself hopelessly drawn to the charismatic father of her son’s fiance. Peter Garnet, a successful real estate mogul was not only off-limits but also much younger, creating a scandalous stir in their close-knit community from the minute they locked eyes.

As Jo finds herself unable to stop daydreaming about Peter’s charm and undeniable physical allure, rumors about them begin to swirl among their neighbors, friends, and townsfolk. Gossip and judgment cast a shadow over their rapidly budding connection, threatening to tarnish their reputations and impact their children, who are unknowingly entangled in the web of scandal. Nonetheless, the magnetic pull between Jo and Peter grows stronger with an undeniable desire that leaves them both weak and breathless.



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