Sexy Mother Faker by author Remy Rose. Book One cover.

Sexy Mother Faker

By Remy Rose

Publisher Description

So I’ve always been a son of a bitch…and I’m talking literally here when I say this, because I’m the son of a pantsuit-wearing, barracuda in heels–otherwise known as Gloria Cavanaugh, CEO of Cavanaugh Yacht. She’s not only my mother, she’s my boss, so when she demands I “bed and wed” the heiress of a competing company, I need to think fast. My solution? Find a fake girlfriend and pay her to be in a relationship with me. It’s a crazy faking idea, but I’ll do anything to keep my single status and prevent my mother from getting her way. What’s even crazier? When this spunky, incredibly sexy girl starts to stir deep feelings in me…making me wonder if this could be the real thing.

My job in sales and customer service at Precision Machine basically equates to lying underneath a hairy fat guy and faking an orgasm from 9 to 5. I desperately want out, but never did I imagine my escape would come in the form of Damon Cavanaugh, who shows up at a bar and takes my breath away with his insane good looks, devastating grin and cocky charm. My first reaction to his faking proposal? I think it’s the most ludicrous idea I’ve ever heard, and the only reason I’d consider it is because I mostly can’t stand him, and because I’m quite sure it will stay safe and platonic, since my history has prevented me from getting involved with men. But the more I get to know Damon, the more my attraction intensifies…just as his mother steps up the pressure.



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