Billionaire's Mafia Heart by author J R Jofre book cover.

Billionaire’s Mafia Heart

By J R Jofre

Publisher Description

Who knew my billionaire boss had a dark side.
I was at the bar serving drinks and when I turn around, I run smack into a solid wall of muscles.
I look up into the most amazing brown eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. My stomach drops.
It’s Marcello Barbiere, the billionaire boss that owns the bar.
He’s quiet as his eyes roam over me. I shift slightly, the heat of his stare is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.
Marcello is not just a lover; he’s a force of nature. Possessive, leaving me into the whirlwind where love clashes with the pursuit of justice.
My father, a prosecutor, tells me that Marcello is a suspect in several criminal activities. He has ties with the mafia, and his business dealings are far from clean.
As uncertainty casts its shadows, will our love endure the tempest or will the secrets lurking in the shadows be the silent architect of our heartbreak.



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