An Innocent Halloween by author Katy Kaylee. Book One cover.

An Innocent Halloween

By Katy Kaylee

Publisher Description

I have no time for filthy, forbidden relationships.

Alex proved me wrong when he took my V-card on Halloween night.

This billionaire will be the end of me.

I’m treating his daughter.

Caring for her is the only thing I wanted to do.

But why am I feeling a magnetic pull towards him.

His strong arms wrap around my waist and melt my insides.

Oh, did I mention he’s also my dad’s best friend?

Seriously, how could I let this happen?

It’s not only my job that’s on the line.

My relationship with my own dad may also change.

Every reckless action has a consequence.

And mine is growing in my belly, waiting to be exposed to the world.



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