Inside Her by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.

Inside Her

By Lucia Jordan

Publisher Description

Cleo Cantrell leads an unassuming life as the owner of indie-bookstore Happily Ever After, but on the side, she writes best-selling romance novels under the pen name Dominique Darling. When A-list actor-director Tony Markson contacts Cleo about turning one of her novels into a movie, she initially rejects his offer. Tony’s gorgeous and sexy as hell, but Cleo’s pretty sure he uses his looks to make up for a lack in IQ, and she’s been burned by pretty boys before.

Tony truly is a great actor, though, and he’s been trying to act around his looks his entire career. When he and Cleo finally meet, his sensitivity, intellect, and uncanny insights into the characters in Cleo’s book quickly overcome her defenses. But there’s still one thing: no one but Cleo’s agent—not even her parents or best friend—knows that Cleo is Dominique Darling.



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