What would life be without opposites attract romances?

I would say, probably not very fun! I truly believe, of all the other sub-genres, opposites attract romances give you the most genuine glimmer of hope that true love exists. You can’t argue that even your best real-life relationships had to be the ones where you and your partner made each other see things differently. Life is just not as much fun if you are not challenged enough. If a story like this comes with sexual tension and great characters, point me towards the book and I’ll have my weekend sorted, right?

Well, people and the internet did point me towards a load of books and I took it upon myself to find the best of the best just for you. So, read on to find out my picks for the best opposite attracts romances out there. Why don’t you give them a read and I’ll wait for you to agree with me!

1. Road to Ruin by Paula Cox

He ruined me for all other men. Damian wandered into my shop and changed my life. But racing with the biker is not all fun and games. It’s a high stakes world, with death always lingering in the background. And if I want to survive, I’ll have to hold onto him for dear life.

Road to Ruin by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.


2. Rough as an Outlaw by Paula Cox

Nobody does it rougher than Bishop. She came to lock me up. But in the end, she’ll set me free. Free from the darkness clouding my soul. And free from the men who want me dead and gone.
Rough as an Outlaw by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.


3. Daredevil by Kathryn Thomas

He f**ked me like he knew I was already falling for him. I thought I left the past behind—all the horrible memories, each one worse than the last. But in a single moment of weakness, I found myself sucked back into it all. I was just doing my job. Turns out that was the worst idea possible. While out on a boat, taking notes on the marine ecosystem, I see something that definitely doesn’t belong: A dead, floating corpse. It’s like something out of a nightmare. After giving my report to the police who show up, I head to the bar for a drink to calm my nerves. And that’s when HE showed up. The biker.

Daredevil by author Kathryn Thomas. Book One cover.


4. Perfect by Chance by Everly Chase

Wed without my knowledge to a perfect stranger. Forced to hide out together in the wilderness. Are you kidding me, sis? You’ve married me off to the world’s gruffest man for my protection? Until today, I had no idea that I even needed protection. Now, everyone keeps telling me that I’m fragile. That I need a live-in bodyguard ’til death do us part. Whenever that might be…
Perfect by Chance by author Everly Chase. Book One cover.


5. Zeke by Zoey Parker

I won’t take no for an answer. The innocent beauty must’ve missed the memo: I own everything that walks in this bar. She might have her hands full with the mechanical bull right now. But by the time this night is over, she’ll be riding something else instead: ME. I don’t give a d*mn if she wants to put up a fight. I’m happy to fight her all night long. On MY terms. That means savage. Sweaty. And RAW.
Zeke by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.


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