Reasons You Should be Talking About Billionaire Romance Novels

Ever dreamt of a prince, but in a red Mercedes and not just a horse, appearing out of nowhere and willing to dedicate all his life and wealth for you. Yeah, me neither! 😉 I don’t know if the intense attraction comes from power or just a momentary escape from being the strong independent woman we all have to always appear to be, but the billionaire romance trope can never lose its shine.

Everyone loves that hero who is ruthless in the conference room but putty in the hands of the love of his life. And that is exactly why we are never going to run out of these books, and we will never get enough of it either. If you are looking to replenish your virtual bookshelf with something in this trope too, just read on. I have crafted an exclusive list of the best billionaire romance novels you need to read immediately. Don’t wait any further and read on!

1. The Billionaire's Wife by Ava Claire

Leila Whitmore thought she had found her happily ever after with billionaire playboy Jacob Whitmore. They fought every obstacle put on their way and it has now been a year of their wedding. But now Jacob is pulling away. Leila can’t help but wonder if the honeymoon was over and if he is keeping secrets. Venture into their world to find out what happens.
The Billionaire's Wife by author Ava Claire. Book One cover.


2. Grit by J.C. Valentine

Gabby Morgan isn’t looking for love. Not even a little romance. Blake Mahone may not be done with women, but he’s finished with relationships. Gabby is Blake’s kid’s teacher. She acts as she hates him, but her eyes tell a different story. Before he knows it, Blake finds himself hot for the teacher, and he’s more than ready to learn all her secrets. Now all he has to do is convince her to give him a shot without getting them both killed in the process.
Grit by author J.C. Valentine. Book One cover.


3. Fame & Privilege by L.C. Reagan

Billionaire Jenn Cooper has run her own movie studio for the last 3 years with the utmost success. Ryan Price is a young and talented manager in Hollywood who represents up-and-coming starlet Julia Belle. What will happen when Price and Cooper try to collaborate on one of Hollywood’s most promising stories to date? Let’s just say that things in Hollywood never follow the script.
Fame & Privilege by author L.C. Reagan. Book One cover.


4. Seduced by the Billionaire by Cynthia Dane

When Julian, the handsome billionaire decides he wants to mold his secretary Alyssa, A twenty-one-year-old untouched woman into his perfect lover, she can’t say no. Because Julian gets what Julian wants. He dares her to disobey but there is no way she can.

Seduced by the Billionaire by author Cynthia Dane. Book One cover.


5. The Billionaire's Kiss by Ava Claire

Before she met Jacob Whitmore, her life centered around trying to score her dream job. After him, her life turned into a whirlwind of working with the rich and famous and falling in love with the sexiest man she’d ever met. Brushes with crazy exes, long-lost relatives, and homicidal criminals tested their love, but they came out stronger than ever. And then there was Hope, their baby. But all the obstacles they conquered didn’t prepare her for being back at square one, unable to shake the feeling that her husband is keeping something from her.
The Billionaire's Kiss by author Ava Claire. Book One cover.


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