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Rachel K. Stone is a Contemporary Romance Author living in the Southwest in the U.S.A. Her love for the genre started with Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. She delves into drama, steam and conflict, where strong passion and heat arise. If you love STEAMY NOVELS, then you’re in the right place. Her books pack more steam than a tea kettle. When she is not writing, you can find her traveling, reading, and enjoying a good movie.

1. The Tyrant's Secret Safe House

A tyrant boss. A secret safe house. And only the sounds of our pleasure… to pass the time…

In my opinion, starting a new career as a financial executive is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when my boss is a tyrant and a grumpy boss. My gut feelings tell me that enough is enough and I need to leave this job. Matthew Cohen used to be an old friend. He is mature, good-looking, with chiseled abs, and my CEO. He was the fun, carefree type. Now, his life has changed him into a grump and a tyrant. To pass the time during boring meetings, I fantasize about unwrapping his large package locked away inside his pants.

The Tyrant's Secret Safe House by author Rachel K Stone. Book One cover.


2. The Tyrant’s Secret Cabin

A crazed billionaire. A cabin in the woods. And no one to hear my screams…of desire.

When I took a long-awaited vacation from crunching numbers for big business, I didn’t know I would be tricked into staying at a billionaire CEO’s private cabin in the woods. With his chiseled muscles and deep blue eyes, David Stratford is…overqualified in every way. But his company is failing, and David believes I have the solution to turn his fortunes around. When he broke into my cabin, I didn’t give him what he wanted. I’m not a corporate spy. But he won’t take no for an answer.

The Tyrant’s Secret Cabin by author Rachel K Stone. Book Two cover.


3. The Tyrant's Island Compound

Tori Caldwell is laser-focused on her marine research, choosing to otherwise keep to herself. When she takes a side job ferrying supplies to a grumpy island billionaire, she can’t help noticing his mature attractive features and chiseled muscles. But all billionaires are definitely arrogant and annoying…right? When her new boss goes from billionaire beast to unforgettable one-night stand, Tori finds herself caught between temptation and her career. Billionaire Christian Ames has had his heart ripped out. When he found his fiancee embezzling funds from his company, he moved to a secluded island to protect himself from being hurt by a woman ever again. But when Tori, with her ample breasts, and red hair shows up with his supplies, the bulge in Christian’s pants reminds him he still has needs. Before he can stop it, his mind goes from protection mode to fantasizing about the delicious playground between Tori’s young thighs.

The Tyrant's Island Compound by author Rachel K Stone. Book Three cover.


4. The Ruthless Billionaire Boss

A one-night stand, a ruthless arms dealer, and a surprise pregnancy. Some job interview this turned out to be…

Being a big city girl has always been my thing, so this job opportunity as a marketing specialist in Mobile, Alabama, is exactly what I need for a new start in life. On my first day in town, I crash into Daniel Carter, and my coffee goes flying everywhere. But somehow, I’m in his room… wearing nothing but his shirt. He is tall and well-built, with a chiseled jawline and piercing blue eyes. His impeccably expensive suits convey a confidence and powerful demeanor I carved. Of course, the plan was to never see him again, so no harm, no foul. Until it turns out that my one-night stand is my new boss. Awkward with a capital A. Also, he’s an illegal arms dealer…and I have no idea what to do with that information. Instead, I’m tangled up in this mess against my will — and I need to get out before one of us ends up dead.

The Ruthless Billionaire Boss by author Rachel K Stone. Book Four cover.


5. Adrian

An island getaway, a kidnapping, and a brothel auction. Some vacation this turned out to be…

Living a simple country life was never my long-term plan. When my friends invited me to go on a vacation of a lifetime, I didn’t know I would end up in an Eastern European country auctioned off to the highest bidder. Adrian Zalar’s muscular build and fiery brown eyes caught my attention as soon as he entered the room. He is the buyer and I am the merchandise for his brothel. The desire in his eyes and the bulge in his pants tell me he wants me. Adrian’s job is to send me to the brothel, but I’m his dirty little secret and he locks me away for his primal urges. It’s only a matter of time before his family finds out about me, and when they do, we are both dead.

Adrian by author Rachel K Stone. Book Five cover.


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