Let’s declare enemies-to-lovers romance the best trope already!

Let’s be honest, however many new tropes we might try in romance, we always keep coming back to enemies to lovers! There is just something about this sub-genre that arguably traces its origin in the 1800s with Pride and Prejudice, that it has been successful in attracting audiences for centuries. Maybe it’s just the idea of initial tension developing into crackling heat between the characters, or the conflict keeping the story interesting throughout, but we can never get enough of it!

So, why even try? The popularity ensures that our favorite writers keep giving us their best works with characters challenging each other about everything under the sun. And therefore, this time, my lovely ladies, I bring to you my favorite picks in the enemies to lovers genre. No need of pacing yourself, just go ahead and devour them all, and don’t forget to tell me which ones you liked the best!

1. Being Yours by Dawn Martens

When his best friend’s girl, Tara, moves in with him, Drew is livid. The last thing he wanted was another roommate, let alone one who was completely off-limits, but irresistible. Tara knows it was wrong to want Drew, it went against everything she stood for, but she couldn’t help it. Will they be strong enough to do the right thing and not go through with their feelings, or will the desire take over?

Can't Resist by author Dawn Martens. Book One cover.


2. Marriage of Convenience by Katy Kaylee

It started out as a fake arrangement of convenience between Chase and Sara. He wanted her to marry him and have his baby, but just for show, so he could claim his billion-dollar inheritance. But he hadn’t prepared for the reaction he got when he touched her pure body, how his brain went out of the window when he saw her big blue eyes and petite waist. By the time he realized their deal was a bad idea, it was already too late. Will the fake turn real? And what will happen when he’ll realize his innocent girl is not so innocent after all and has her own dark secret?

Marriage of Convenience by author Katy Kaylee. Book One cover.


3. Pregnant by Mistake by Victoria Snow

When Bella saw her boss, Blake, for the first time, she knew she was in trouble. But she was able to keep her completely one-sided love for the sexy single dad hidden for a long time focusing just on her work. Everything changed when an innocent gesture by Blake led them to spend the night together. She accepted it would be without any strings, but any relationship with the boss was not a good idea, and carrying his child was worse!
Pregnant by Mistake by author Victoria Snow. Book One cover.


4. Love Chaos by Ute Jackle

After her cheating ex-boyfriend kicks her out, Luca is stuck sharing a suit with the college bad boy, Ben Nowak. Except, he isn’t just brazen, he is brazenly sexy. He might be a jerk but is used to getting what he wants. Her plan was simple, avoid her roomie for the semester before she could move elsewhere. Everything was going just fine until one mix-up landed her in Ben’s bedroom and for the first time, her heart raced in front of him for completely different reasons.

Love Chaos by author Ute Jackle. Book One cover.


5. Falling For You by Ava Claire

Penny had a solid plan – just get through her sister’s wedding avoiding attention and drama. But an offer from a panty-dropping sexy businessman Xander Wade puts a break on her plan and leads her in a completely opposite direction. Pretend to be his girlfriend for a month in return for him accompanying her to the dreaded wedding AND twenty thousand dollars – check. Don’t fall for him – check?

Because You Want Me by author Ava Claire. Book One cover.


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