How to Pick The Best Erotic Romance Novels

The erotic romance market has grown multiple times over the last decade. So, the more the better, right? Because options are supposed to be good! Well, it’s not that simple. This growth has led to the origin of uncountable sub-genres and tropes.

But no need to worry, ladies, I am here to help. I’ll teach you everything there is to know about selecting your next perfect read. Romance novels can be easily divided into two parts – the storyline and the smut. First, let’s try and figure out what kind of stories you prefer. The Romance market offers books in every possible sub-genres. We’ve got thrillers, cozy mysteries, scary paranormals, or anything your heart may desire. Next comes the tropes. You can choose to read a delightful friends-to-lovers or an angsty enemies-to-lovers, and the list goes on, so choose wisely.

Now, for the most important part! Look deep inside you and let your wildest dreams take over your mind for a second. The best part is you don’t have to share what you saw, just know what you would like to read and I promise you, you’ll find amazingly written smut just the way you want.

So, don’t wait another second and pick up your next read in your personal perfect combination!nk!

1. Lorenzo by Kathryn Thomas

Forced to get married to a cold-blooded killer to help her father bring peace between the city’s crime families, Isa is helpless and no one can rescue her, however loud she screams. Used to getting everything he wants, Lorenzo gives in to his family’s needs by agreeing to marriage. But when he sees his bride for the first time, he decides he wants her and would not rest till she is completely and utterly his.

Lorenzo by author Kathryn Thomas. Book One cover.


2. Hard and Fast by Lucia Jordan

Sophia Smith returns to see her best friends at their fifteen-year class reunion. Denver, the reckless, impulsive, and carefree with a tongue-in-cheek, devil may care attitude, and Ray, the voice of reason in the group and an enigma with mood swings that could run from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. She is excited but scared at the same time. Time changes everything and everyone, but the greatest changes have yet to come. Sophia is not the same girl she was in high school, what if their friendship all through school hadn’t been as serious as she’d thought?

Hard and Fast by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.


3. Drawn To You (Conklin's Trilogy) by Brooke Page

A sensational story about a predictable life going completely out of control. Betrayal, carelessness, secrets, and love, this one has it all. When she has to return to her home to get her life back on track after failing to become the person she wanted to through clubs, alcohol, and promiscuity would numb her pain, she vows to get over her insecurities. Instead, she gets consumed by her boss, Tyler Conklin. There is just one problem, he wants to keep her a secret and she can’t accept it, not when he already has so many secrets of his own.
Drawn To You by author Brooke Page. Book One cover.


4. Touch Me by Lucia Jordan

When Jenny Rafter wakes up, she is the happiest she can be. With her perfect job and boyfriend, she has everything she ever desired. But within one day, her bubble bursts, and she comes crashing on the ground when she gets fired and her boyfriend takes out every last penny from her savings account and runs. Helpless, she finds solace in her childhood friend who invites her to stay with him in New York. When she finally meets him, she is in for another shock, gone is the sandy-haired, blue-eyed boy she had once played hide-and-seek with, and replaced by a breathtakingly gorgeous entrepreneur who makes her stammer and shake in her boots.
Touch Me by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.


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