How Sexy Contemporary Romance Novels Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Has your imagination been running wild and the loneliness is drowning in too hard? Before you start running around hunting for the next toxic relationship just to find an escape, hear me out. I come bearing a better diversion. Why not pick up an awesome romance novel instead! I know I know, it’s just not the same! But let me tell you why it’s even better.

First of all, you are not spending hours cursing every decision you made out of desperation; a book will never break your heart (at least an HEA one won’t); you can take your sweet time finding ‘the one’ while finishing books after books to keep yourself distracted from the ‘next mistake’, and you can be practical about your decisions while the imaginative side of your brain is busy fantasizing about your last read.

And what better sub-genre than a sexy contemporary romance. You get a dose of reality with a sprinkle of imagination and a whole lot of romance. So, gear up and start already with my favorite ones listed below.

1. Give Me Another Chance by Katy Kaylee

He left her six years ago without even saying goodbye. She remembers exactly how he made her feel that first night. He was her brother’s best friend and now he is back. She never thought their love could have a second chance but here we are. But she has a big secret she has been hiding for the past six-year, the miracle they created together. Can she hide it any longer?

Give Me Another Chance by author Katy Kaylee. Book One cover.


2. The Golden Pecker by Penelope Bloom

He had known about Andi his whole life but avoided her at all cost. No photos. No social media. But now his business partner and her grandfather is dead and now the keys to his future are tangled up in the ridiculous will which contains an intimate to-do list for them. The first task is to take Andi to their club to watch a video. He is clear with one thing though, whatever the video may contain, Andi Wainwright is the enemy.
The Golden Pecker by author Penelope Bloom. Book One cover.


3. Just One Night by Katy Kaylee

Morgan has a million reasons to not fall in love with Kade. Ladies’ man, bachelor for life, spoilt playboy, the baby of the Raven family. But there is just one problem, her heart beats for him. He makes her feel special and beautiful, and smart, and strong. And he tells her that she makes him skip a heartbeat too! He must be saying that to every woman, right? But one problem becomes two when one night’s passion leads to something she didn’t expect. It was just supposed to be one night with the billionaire playboy, Kade Raven and yet she wants this to last for a lifetime!
Just One Night by author Katy Kaylee. Book One cover.


4. Truth or Dare by Amy Brent

Eleven years ago, she lost her innocence to a complete stranger. He had everything – dominance, thirst, power, control. Except that he left her scarred, damaged, flawed (and pregnant). She meets him today, only to discover that he’s gotten HOTTER with the years. And suddenly, getting lost in the mountains seems like the most beautiful thing ever. When they play the game of truth or dare, she chooses dare. He dares her not to fall for him again! But he doesn’t know my deepest, darkest secret that could destroy them both forever.
Truth or Dare by author Amy Brent. Book One cover.


5. Hot Bastard Next Door by Rye Hart

The perfect second chance romance for all the hopeful hearts out there. When Duncan leaves town to join Navy SEAL, his neighbor believes everything that they had is over. But now he is back and determined to take what always belonged to him, her V-card.
Hot Bastard Next Door by author Rye Hart. Book One cover.


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