Do contemporary romances come anywhere close to reality?

The short answer – probably, no! But that is exactly why we need these in our lives. The hope that you can run into your prince, your knight in shining armor, or your beast (if that’s your style, no judgments!) while living your very normal life and working your very hectic job, is sometimes the only thing that keeps you going. When nothing feels special, you can always curl up in your comfy blanket and open your favorite contemporary romance about the girl who stumbled upon her love when she least expected it. It makes you instantly feel better because you know things will go back to normal, and everything will work out. Good books just have a way of making everything better.

So, this time I come to you with a list of my favorite contemporary romances that will take you for a joyride in an environment not very different from your own. Read on ladies, because sometimes, all we need is a little hope.

1. Sexy Bits by Remi Wild

Welcome to Desire by Design. No clothing beyond this point. When I imagined the vacation of a lifetime, it didn’t include a nude fetish resort. I foolishly assumed my bestie Jess and I would at least be wearing bikinis. This place is a hedonistic paradise, but I’m pretty sure I just walked through the Gates of Hell. At twenty-three, I’m still a virgin and an anomaly in a place like this. My innocence makes me vulnerable to all manner of pervs. Mason is my host for the week, my protector. He’s basically a prostitute and the world’s biggest tease. He’s determined to give me an epic romance experience but refuses to give me the one thing I want.
Sexy Bits by author Remi Wild. Book One cover.


2. Give Me Another Chance by Katy Kaylee

I never forgot you, and the way you made me feel that first time. I never forgot you, even when you left me six years ago without saying goodbye. You were my brother’s best friend, and I was in love. I never expected to see you again, but here we are. I never thought our relationship had a second chance, And here we are…

Give Me Another Chance by author Katy Kaylee. Book One cover.


3. Missy Mischief by Victoria Snow

Mr. ‘Hot’ and Mr. ‘Hotter’ are both my Daddy’s best friends, But I want them anyways. Nothing is going to stop me; This Christmas is going to be naughty and nice. I’m going to weave my web around them until both the older men are mine! But what if my little act of seduction turns into something serious. What if both of them fall in love with me!
Missy Mischief by author Victoria Snow. Book One cover.


4. Royally Yours by Amy Brent

All I ever wanted was to be Prince. Until I met her. Now I have to choose — her or my throne. And the clock is ticking. I’m a royal ladies’ man. A British Prince with an appetite. But my particular thirsts need to be kept secret. Submission. Domination. These are my only addictions. I can have any woman I want, but there’s only one I crave. Heidi. An American supermodel with curves to die for. I want more than skin and bones under my hand, And Heidi has it all. She begs… and I take.
Royally Yours by author Amy Brent. Book One cover.


5. First Love, Second Chance by Nikki Chase

My dad said the boy was trouble and I didn’t listen. Now, years after Aiden broke my heart, he suddenly reappears–everywhere. He shows up in the strangest places. I can’t seem to escape him. Worse still, I don’t want to. Even if I still hate what the boy did. I’m afraid I’m falling all over again for the man he’s become. Ten years ago, I waited for my boyfriend all night at our usual place. He never showed up, not even when the diner closed and they shooed me outside to wait in the rain. Trying to get over Aiden was more painful than a root canal and more difficult than my med school classes. But somehow I managed to put the shattered pieces of myself back together. One thing I still haven’t done? Fall completely in love with another guy, the way I fell for Aiden. I’m sure I will, though… eventually.
First Love, Second Chance by author Nikki Chase. Book One cover.


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