Alpha Male Romance Novels That Can Keep You Up at Night

Do you love your hero to be a straight-up badass fighting the world for you without even a scratch in his armor? Who can order around everyone without any fear in his mind? Probably a control freak and a little broody? And goes without saying, insanely hot and sexy? Well, maybe not in real life. But you are definitely lying if you haven’t built hours of fantasies of running into a guy like him.

If you are anything like me, you take most of the inspiration for those elaborate fantasies from the novels of your favorite genre too. So, if you are a fellow lover of alpha romance novels, I have done some great research for you. I have prepared a list of the five best romances in this trope I have read recently. I promise you’d fall in love with all these heroes too. Let me know which ones got a recurring role in your dreams and fantasies.

1. Thick as an Outlaw by Paula Cox

Dax, an outlaw with no mercy left in his tattooed heart who was on a one-man mission for bloody vengeance, falls for sweet, innocent Jayna. Somewhere, deep down inside the bad boy, is a soul worth saving. But she can’t say for sure whether she’ll be able to salvage it or whether Dax’s rage will drag them both to an early grave. But she can’t let that happen, especially now that she is carrying his baby in her belly.
Thick as an Outlaw by author Paula Cox. Book One cover.


2. Corrupted by Kathryn Thomas

It only took him one night to change her life. But he can’t stay with her. He is too scared of his crimes and corrupted to lay his dirty hands on the pretty little virgin nurse. So he breaks her heart in order to save her life. But just when he thinks he has severed all ties, his enemies find her. Now, he will have to fight a war to protect my woman. And he is willing to spill every last drop of their blood to keep her safe.

Corrupted by author Kathryn Thomas. Book One cover.


3. Lorenzo by Kathryn Thomas

Forced to get married to a cold-blooded killer to help her father bring peace between the city’s crime families, Isa is helpless and no one can rescue her, however loud she screams. Used to getting everything he wants, Lorenzo gives in to his family’s needs by agreeing to marriage. But when he sees his bride for the first time, he decides he wants her and would not rest till she is completely and utterly his.

Lorenzo by author Kathryn Thomas. Book One cover.


4. Sold to the Billionaire Brothers by Genelia Love

She was in for just a good time. Sold to two billionaires who would be her masters for a month, sounds like real fun. But one month later, she is pregnant without a clue which of the two is the father. What is going to do now?
Sold to the Billionaire Brothers by author Genelia Love. Book One cover.


5. Perfect by Chance by Everly Chase

Married to the world’s gruffest man for her own protection and forced to hide out with him in the wilderness, she is stuck. Because her psycho ex is still out for her blood. Nowhere is safe — not even their forest hideaway. And she is not even sure she is safe with him as it is: Is he the most dangerous of them all? But in spite of the threat, in spite of the secrets, in spite of my better judgment, she keeps finding herself unable to run away from Mr. Wrong.
Perfect by Chance by author Everly Chase. Book One cover.


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