5 Forbidden Romance Novels You Should Read

Exploring new romance sub-genres to find a new read? Bored of your normal love stories dripping with sweetness and looking to spice up your (virtual) bookshelf? Then you have come to the right place. Why read something so simple when you can get your pick from a bunch of angsty forbidden love stories in your favorite genre? The protagonists giving everything up and fighting the world to finally be together, I bet you are wondering why you weren’t already reading these!

If you already love the genre and are looking for the most up-and-coming books for your next read, then this post is for you too. I totally get the allure, after all, it’s in human nature to desire what is forbidden. Eve knew it and we all know it. So, just give in and read on to find the five best-forbidden romance novels that everyone must read.

1. Redheads & Ranchers by Pandora Spocks

Jenny lost her voice the day she saw her parent’s throat being slashed by the ruthless crime boss Victor Sorkin. What followed was two years of unspeakable torture and trauma after Victor decided to take her as in his lucky charm. So, when she finds an opportunity to escape on the horse trailer of an unsuspecting cowboy, Cole, she latches on to it. He was surprised to find the mute skittish attractive woman in his trailer but decides to make her feel safe again. Will they be able to escape the wrath of Victor? Will Jenny be able to save Cole from the life he didn’t volunteer for?

Jenny's Voice by author Pandora Spocks. Book One cover.


2. Wicked by Zoey Parker

Federal agent Alicia is after Gunner Murphy, the man responsible for every gun smuggled across the border. Her partner makes it clear that he will kill him as soon as he finds him, without a trial. But she believes in the system and is determined to get him what he deserves, the legal way. Too bad, Gunner had other plans. When she sets him free, he turns the table and handcuffs her instead. Unlike her partner though, he doesn’t want blood, and the screwed-up part is Alicia will readily give him everything he needs.

Wicked by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.


3. Stoking the Embers by Leslie Johnson

Step into the world of Stephanie, a nursing student only months from receiving her degree, and Ken, a firefighter training to become a paramedic, who thought their lives were mapped out. An accident brings them together and leads to an unexpected passion. But together, will they be able to defeat the evil that lies below the surface dead set to keep them apart?

Stoking the Embers by author Leslie Johnson. Book One cover.


4. Forbidden Fingers by Amanda Boyd

Veronica Lopez is a 23-year-old living the typical college life while studying at Columbia University. With her Mexican heritage and gorgeous looks, she melts boys’ hearts, but all of her attention is dedicated to her education. She intends to earn her place and give back using her big brain and not her looks. The men around her are nothing but oversized boys, without serious thoughts yet toward their futures. Their pick up lines and cheesy attempts at romance do nothing for her, so singlehood is a constant in her world. That is until she is touring her father’s company and meets Mark Grier. Her father’s successful, gorgeous right hand is older than her, but there is something obvious between them from the first handshake.

Forbidden Fingers by author Amanda Boyd. Book One cover.


5. 6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas by Rye Hart

Six sexy, hunky mountain men, one woman, and the holiday season, you know you are in for a ride. The Trent brothers have always been Kyra’s best friends since her childhood. But when she returns home for the holidays, she notices something in the way they look at her has changed. Will the one night of truth and dare end up becoming the most memorable night ever or will she end up regretting it instead?

6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas by author Rye Hart. Book One cover.


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