5 Forbidden Romance Novels You Should Read

Exploring new romance sub-genres to find a new read? Bored of your normal love stories dripping with sweetness and looking to spice up your (virtual) bookshelf? Then you have come to the right place. Why read something so simple when you can get your pick from a bunch of angsty forbidden love stories in your favorite genre? The protagonists giving everything up and fighting the world to finally be together, I bet you are wondering why you weren’t already reading these!

If you already love the genre and are looking for the most up-and-coming books for your next read, then this post is for you too. I totally get the allure, after all, it’s in human nature to desire what is forbidden. Eve knew it and we all know it. So, just give in and read on to find the five best-forbidden romance novels that everyone must read.

1. Redheads & Ranchers by Pandora Spocks

A traumatized young woman held hostage for years. The rancher who comes to her rescue. The crime boss who will kill them both if he finds them. Jenny Stone’s voice was silenced the horrific day ruthless crime boss Victor Sorkin executed her parents in cold blood and took her as his personal good luck charm. Now she’s his pet, at his mercy when he summons her to warm his bed. Or the beds of his more esteemed business associates.
Jenny's Voice by author Pandora Spocks. Book One cover.


2. Wicked by Zoey Parker

Gunner Murphy is a wicked son of a b*tch. He’s responsible for just about every illegal gun getting smuggled across the border. As a federal agent, it’s my job to bring him in. I just never expected it to be this hard. My new partner says he’s gonna kill Gunner before he ever gets hauled in front of a judge. I’ve got morals. I can’t allow that. Even a savage beast like Gunner deserves a fair trial. So call me weak. Call me feminine. Call me whatever you want. But I won’t have this man’s blood on my hands.

Wicked by author Zoey Parker. Book One cover.


3. Stoking the Embers by Leslie Johnson

She seeks security. He seeks freedom. They both think their lives are mapped out. Until an accident brings them together and their worlds collide, bringing passion they never expected. But, in their shadow, evil exists. Subtle and soundless. Insidious and menacing. It won’t stop until it tears the lovers apart. Welcome to the lives of Stephanie, a nursing student only months from receiving her degree, and Ken, a firefighter training to become a paramedic—two people dedicated to saving lives. Will the embers of their budding relationship be smothered or stoked? Do they have the power to save themselves from the evil between them?
Stoking the Embers by author Leslie Johnson. Book One cover.


4. Twisted Mayhem MC by Cat Mason

When Roanne Frazier is thrown into a dangerous world she knows nothing about, the only one she can count on is the only person who has ever let her down. Blood and bullets are part of the game for Jensen Stone. Being President of the Twisted Mayhem MC means sometimes business requires bloodshed and Stone has no problem getting his hands dirty. Known for being fearless and ruthless in his tactics, his main goal is doing all he can to better his club and his town. Though it is easy to be reckless when you have nothing to lose.

Retaliation by author Cat Mason. Book One cover.


5. 6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas by Rye Hart

The Trent brothers are home for the holidays, in snowy Colorado. And all six men have their eyes set on one girl. They were rough. Rugged. And ridiculously sexy. My HOT next-door neighbors. The Trent boys were my best friends. Football games were always fun. Body to body contact. With them, I always liked it rough. But, that’s where it stopped. Because they were the Lost Boys. And I was their Tinkerbell.
6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas by author Rye Hart. Book One cover.


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