5 Controlling/Possessive Men Romance novels to get you a new book boyfriend

Gather around ladies, today we are discussing the hero who is a staple in most romance novels. He is broody and moody, he hates everyone, and sometimes, he is very dark. But deep, deep inside, he is all heart. He is protective of the ones he loves and is never afraid to show it, and the very few people who understand him, adore him for everything he is. As you must have guessed by now (I’m not acknowledging the heading above), I’m talking about the Controlling/ Possessive heroes of the genre. Don’t even try to act all coy, I know you love the novels featuring these (anti) heroes just as much as I do, even though they make you question your mental well-being at times. But you know what, we love murder mysteries too! So, let’s not even go there and own the huge crushes we have on these fictional characters we might never want to see in real life.

In that spirit, I want to introduce you to a few of my crushes, because I’m helpful like that. Read on to find out my most favorite Controlling/ Possessive Men Romance novels and be prepared to meet your next problematic book boyfriend.

1. One Fiery Night by Em Petrova

When Josie was caught in a house fire, she never expected her rescuer to be the hot fireman she used to date in college. He was also the man who broke her heart and left her without any explanation, but as soon as she saw him, all her old feelings came rushing back. Luke didn’t want a woman in his life after his brother died leaving his wife and four kids behind. But seeing the recently divorced Josie again made him question his choices. Feelings lead to desire and passion, but how long will it all last?

One Fiery Night by author Em Petrova. Book One cover.


2. My Secret Submission by J.M. Witt

Meredith was the perfect wife and a perfect mom. She went above and beyond for her family and had an exciting but stable job. But she had her fair share of secrets, her dark desires consumed her and she liked everything unconventional. She actively tried to involve her husband to live out her fantasies but he always refused. Then, she met Gregor. He was mysterious, intriguing, dominant, and had the same struggles at home that she did. Together they go on the path of self-discovery and exploration, and he becomes her secret submission.

My Secret Submission by author J.M. Witt. Book One cover.


3. Sugar by Natasha LeCroix

Octavia was born with a silver spoon, but when her father was convicted of fraud when she was in high school, she lost everything. Now after ten years, she has built herself a nearly stable life with her booming business. But when her earnings aren’t enough to send her sister to college, she takes the unconventional path of getting a sugar daddy. After a horrible experience, she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Dominic who offers her to be his sugar baby. He had left her immediately after her world crashed all around her and now he is back, offering to help, and she can feel her feelings coming back. Will she give him another chance?

Sugar by author Natasha LeCroix. Book One cover.


4. Dream Dominant by Pandora Spocks

Bella is a strong-willed TV journalist who never shies away from adventure. Luke is a world-renowned photographer who just came out of retirement. When these two are paired in a project to travel the world, sparks fly and they fall in love. But Luke hasn’t been totally honest with Bella. As much as he loves her, he knows something is missing in their relationship. Luke is into BDSM and craves the intimacy of being a Dom. He is sure Bella is the perfect Sub, but will he take the risk of broaching the subject when their life is otherwise perfect?

Dream Dominant by author Pandora Spocks. Book One cover.


5. Drawn to Obsession by Brooke Page

Jamie’s past still haunts her. Even after moving cities and being on constant alert, she is convinced he will eventually find her. When she moves in with her best friend after college and decides to have a last summer hurrah, she doesn’t expect to run into a stranger who will evoke strong feelings in her. She can’t commit because she doesn’t have a place for anyone else in her unpredictable life. Will she finally get the fresh start she always wanted?
Drawn to Obsession by author Brooke Page. Prequel cover.


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