5 best of the best Military Romance/SEAL novels

Looking for something interesting to read? Something that is sexy but also adventurous, hot but also thrilling and sensual but also exciting? Well, let me tell you why your search will end with this post. I was where you are today just a month ago, and that was when I came across the trope I hadn’t picked up in a while. Yes, you guessed it right (or read it right from the heading above), I am talking about Military romance. With these, you can rest assured you are going to get the perfect book boyfriend in the form of a tough, protective, and hot as hell military or ex-military man, who has an inclination for adventure. And you know you won’t be able to put the book down as our hero rescues the girl in trouble or gets her into more trouble just to save the day in the end. Either way, you will look no further if you want to be thoroughly entertained.

So, don’t waste any more time on the internet, just scroll through the five best Military Romance novels I read in the last month (believe me, I read a lot of them) and thank me later!

1. Rediscovering Peace by Steffy Rogers

Skye finally had everything she ever wanted, a loving fiancé, the career of her dreams, and friends she can always count on. After spending her whole life moving from one duty station to another with her family, her father had retired from the U.S. Army and they settled down in Savannah GA. But one single day changed everything for her. Now, she is back somewhere she’d never thought she would go. She has lost all faith in love, but will someone, who always thought of her as ‘the one who got away’, restore her trust?

Rediscovering Peace by author Steffy Rogers. Book One cover.


2. Sweetheart for the SEAL by Alexis Abbott

As soon as Duncan got Crystal back in his life, everything around them went to hell. What was supposed to be a dream reunion after four years, turned into a rescue mission instead, when the hurricane hit. He’d go to any extent to protect his girl, but how will he face the earth-shattering secret that Crystal kept to herself till now. Will he be able to protect his daughter he didn’t even know about until recently?
Sweetheart for the SEAL by author Alexis Abbott. Book One cover.


3. SEAL’s Virgin by Juliana Conners

Riley has everything she wanted in her life, the perfect job at a big law firm and the perfect fiancee. Yet she is not happy. She has this constant feeling that everyone is trying to control her life, and she has had enough. Just then, a new case assignment changes her life. She has to defend the bad boy Navy SEAL Jensen, who is currently in jail. They develop an instant connection and she tries to fight it. On paper, they are wrong for each other, but will that keep them from saving each other?

SEAL's Virgin by author Juliana Conners. Book One cover.


4. SEALED To The Alpha Wolf by Aya Morningstar

When Haller sees Celia for the first time in a bar, he and his wolf feel the instant chemistry. He anyway wanted to put his womanizer days behind and find a mate, and she seemed to be made for him. After the perfect night together, he is called away by his team in the morning. Halfway from her home, his wolf convinces him to go back. What he sees and his reaction lead to a domino effect changing both their lives forever. Will they still be able to find their happy ending together despite the circumstances that brought them together.

SEALED To The Alpha Wolf by author Aya Morningstar. Book One cover.


5. Semper Mine by Lizzy Ford

Katya is heartbroken when one of her brothers never makes it through the war and the other loses one limb. She channels all her frustration in her hatred towards Marine Corps Captain Sawyer Mathis, who has come back home to attend the funeral of the men he lost. She blames him for not protecting her brothers and believes him to be incapable of feelings. That was until she started noticing the toll the war took on him and his refusal to ask for help. Will they put aside their prejudices and help heal each other?

Semper Mine by author Lizzy Ford. Book One cover.


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