Hostile Vows by author Autumn Archer. Book One cover.

Hostile Vows

By Autumn Archer

Publisher Description

In the criminal underworld, love is a distraction that will get you killed.

Finding out I’m a mafia princess was an unpleasant surprise because it meant my coveted bloodline had sealed my fate.

Frankie Sapori, my estranged father and savage mafioso, traded my hand in marriage to a billionaire banker in exchange for offshore accounts and more power.

At least, that was his plan, until a ghost from my tortured past turned up and won a game of poker—and me, as his bride.

André Souza is a notorious cartel wild card and I’m simply a pawn in their power games. He is not my hero—but he is my husband.

No matter how much I say I hate him and the life he’s forced upon me, it seems that neither of us can forget our old friendship, and the spark of something that once bonded us.

Except this isn’t a fairy tale.

It’s a matter of love and death.



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