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Will Carrie allow herself to follow her desires, wherever they may take her, and even if it’s only for one night?

Kat quickly discovers that dancing in the shadow of her late mother isn’t an easy journey, and soon she takes the first steps in redefining true love and passion.

Who is the mysterious X? Will Emily find herself helpless from going along with the game that has begun?

Burke is the missing piece to Avery’s puzzle, but is he as perfect as he seems?

Jealous tempers and accusations abound…but is someone after Jenna and Eli with even darker motives?

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I want to own her, mark those tits as mine, claim her – forever. And I want her to have my baby! Guess some lines are to be crossed, right?

Jessa has never been one to break the rules, and as a buttoned-up librarian, staying inside the lines has always been easy. That is, until Royce enters her life.

Will Devlin’s brand of dominance prove to be too much for the buttoned-up and proper Helena? And why are Helena and Devlin so sure this isn’t the first time they’ve crossed paths?

Maggie knows Thomas is hiding something about her parents’ murder, but what happens when her heart gets in the way?

When Jake explains that he’s a dominant, and wants her to be his submissive, Beth suddenly has doubts.

Fast forward three months, and I receive divorce papers. That’s what I’ve been waiting for, right? That’s what he wants too. Until…he looks at my swollen pregnancy feet and the “oh so cute” baby bump.

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Lucia Jordan’s Ten Dirty Secrets Book Set: The Ultimate Ten Book Compilation – Over 30 Hours of Heart Racing Romance!

Lucia Jordan’s ultimate 10-book compilation.

Lucia Jordan’s Ten Dirty Secrets: The Premium Ten Book Compilation – Over 30 Hours of Heart Racing Romance!

Lucia Jordan’s premium 10-book compilation.