The Night Calling by author Juliana Haygert. Book One cover.

The Night Calling

By Juliana Haygert

Publisher Description

I’ve fallen for the @lpha’s son … and he left me to die.

I’m the underdog in my own pack, an outcast of the worst kind, and Shane, the cocky @lpha heir, doesn’t hide just how much he despises me. Well, the feeling is mutual.

But fate tricks the both of us. Shane and I share a mating bond, and there’s no denying temptation.

That is, until everything changes and our pack is left to ruin. Now I’m held captive, enslaved to another wolf while my mate is nowhere to be found.

I’m told Shane fled and left us behind—left me. All I can think of is getting revenge.

There might be a way to save my pack, but it won’t be easy. Despite once rejecting my love, Shane is coming to claim me.

Heaven help any wolf, witch, or vampire who stands in his way.



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