The Musician and the Mogul by author Diane DuLac book cover.

The Musician and the Mogul

By Diane DuLac

Publisher Description

I need a new life, a new me.
Never again will I let anyone hurt me.
Escaping far away from home, I find a new purpose – taking care of a sweet 8-year-old, Molly, who lost her parents.
Her uncle, and guardian, is gorgeous, intelligent, and kind. He is also haunted by a family tragedy, the death of his brother.
He searches for answers, which puts him in grave danger.
My past threatens my present and my future. But I can’t deny him, he is like a magnet that I am powerless to resist.
And apparently he is equally drawn to me.

I need a caretaker for my orphaned niece. She deserves the world after the loss of my brother, her father.
My brother’s demise leaves a gaping hole in my life and my company. Then I find out he may have been murdered.
Molly’s teacher takes my breath away. She is beautiful, extraordinarily talented, and hiding a painful past.
Getting involved with her is a very bad idea. But she is like a beacon of light in my darkness, and I am powerless to resist her.



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