Her Every Secret by author G.L. Redding book cover.

Her Every Secret

By G.L. Redding

Publisher Description

An innocent life is at stake.
The ransom? Every secret I’ve ever had.

Zoey Miller, is used to managing other people’s crises — not her own. That’s what ditching her flashy PR job and moving to small-town Missouri was supposed to be about: escape. But when a 911 caller demands Zoey’s dirtiest secrets in exchange for the life of an innocent young girl, it’s clear her past isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it’s about to board the town gossip train.

Anchored to his hometown by his grieving mother, Jack Moore’s big-city detective dreams have been replaced by a sleepy small-town beat. When his teenage crush unexpectedly ends up in his bed, Jack knows he wants more from Zoey than a no-strings fling. But then her ugly past is forced into the light by a malicious stalker, and Jack realizes he’s going to have to move quickly to keep the woman he loves.



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