Unbreakable by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.


By Lucia Jordan

Publisher Description

Brianna Chambers has just about had it with her life.  Whether it’s her tyrannical boss, her complicated family, or an endless stream of lame men, she simply can’t seem to get ahead, no matter what she does. Fortunately for her, her two best friends have a plan to break her out of her funk and get her back on track: an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica. She’s hesitant at first, not loving the idea of leaving everything for so long, but her friends finally convince her. After all, this trip could be just what the doctor ordered—ten days in a tropical paradise with her best friends, no alarm clocks, no coworkers, and, most importantly, no men.

Logan Steele was born and raised on this island, and he’s never had much of a reason to think about leaving. Life for him is simple. He spends his days working as a world-renowned masseuse at one of the islands premiere resorts and his nights with his family, which is just the way he likes it, but there’s something missing—something he can’t put his finger on. That all changes when he sees Brianna Chambers for the first time. He knows right away that he has to have her. The only question is how.

It isn’t long before Brianna and Steele are properly introduced, neither of the two able to deny the sexual energy that thrums between them. But will Brianna manage to let her worries go and follow her desires for once? Will Steele find a way to get Brianna alone so he can show her what his tenderly rugged hands are capable of?



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