Stalker or Saint by author Denise F. McAllister book cover.

Stalker or Saint

By Denise F. McAllister

Publisher Description

Still recovering from the loss of her parents in a mysterious carbon monoxide poisoning years ago, Katy McKim receives devastating news—her brother, Shawn, has disappeared and is presumed dead.

Returning to her California family ranch, Katy’s only goal is nurturing her love of horses and occupying her mind from losses grieved. But when Shawn’s best friend shows up at a national horse show, he comes bearing gifts. Now in possession of more information surrounding Shawn’s disappearance, Katy is faced with the chilling possibility that her brother is alive—and in serious danger.

Navigating drugged horses, threatening notes, and a potential stalker, Katy is determined to get to the bottom of her brother’s disappearance. And with the help of Private Detective Matt Hartman, she may just unearth a web of secrets that stretch far beyond that of even stalkers and saints.



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