Not a Love Story by author J.L. Lennon. Book One cover.

Not a Love Story

By J.L. Lennon

Publisher Description

When Tessa lost her mama, her grieving father moved her and her little brother across the country to a grandmother they’d never met. She was lonely and unsure of where she fit into her new life. And then she met Jasper. The younger brother of a guy in her dad’s MC, Jasper had no desire to baby-sit or run errands for Jess Morgan. He hung out with the club to watch out for his wayward brother- that was all. And then he met Tessa. An unlikely friendship formed between them, and the bonds were made even stronger, because Tessa trusted Jasper. He was the one person she could depend on. And she made him see past his self-imposed limitations, made him believe he was better, made him want to be better. An innocent crush. A stolen kiss. She believed in his words, like she used to believe in fairy tales….



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