Doctor Bossy by author Grace Maxwell. Book Two cover.

Doctor Bossy

By Grace Maxwell

Publisher Description

Amelia McCall has her sights set on her dream job, but it seems like fate is determined to ruin her chances. After a difficult day and a confrontation at the grocery store, she finds herself in an argument with the person responsible and is required to leave. And when things couldn’t get any worse, she ends up in the emergency room after a biking accident, only to discover that the man she argued with is actually her doctor. He’s Bossy. He’s stubborn. He’s controlling. He drives her insane. And he also manages to make her heart race.

Dr. Kent Johns is someone who enjoys being in control. Whether it’s in the fast-paced emergency department, at home, or even in the bedroom, he always gets his way and never backs down. That is, until he meets Amelia McColl and she throws a wrench into his perfectly organized life. She was meant to be his last-minute date for sister’s wedding, but Kent quickly finds himself wanting more from her than just a one-night stand. Before he knows it, he is falling deeply for her.



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