Dirty Fling by author Lucia Jordan. Book One cover.

Dirty Fling

By Lucia Jordan

Publisher Description

Harley left LA behind a long time ago. There were just too many bad memories there. But when she hears of her father’s death, it’s the only thing that could bring her back to town. Once a tough, kick-ass biker girl, now she’s bought a Prius and dresses in conservative gear. The only reminders of her youth are the angel wings tattooed right across her back. So now here she is, crossing into the city limits, with the hope of staying just long enough to settle her father’s affairs and getting the hell back out of town.

Cooper and AJ were hell on two wheels, bad boys through and through, and the last people Harley needed to be around. But that wasn’t what drove her away. It was what she’d seen them doing, and what she knew she’d never be to them. It was also because she never knew how could she possibly love two guys at the same time, especially these two guys.




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