College-Virgin & Dark Bully Next-Door by author Kathilee Riley. Book Four cover.

College-Virgin & Dark Bully Next-Door

By Kathilee Riley

Publisher Description

That devil’s spawn is back in town.
His body shredded with muscles from the boxing ring. Dark as the midnight that brought him back home. Gorgeous on the outside, but beneath the surface lies a monster.
Ashton Warren. The villain next door.
Four years ago, he was my brother’s best friend. Until he wrecked me, then disappeared.
Now, he’s back, pretending like that night never happened, like he didn’t leave me with a broken heart. He wants to pick up where we left off. My brother would end him if he finds these text messages on my phone.
So, I keep my distance. I shut him out. Until he makes me an offer that’s hard to refuse.
Saying yes would pull me under his control, giving him the power to hurt me again.
My brother would surely catch some jail time.
But is that enough to stop a monster hell-bent on making me his?



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