An Alpha Protector's Fobidden Love by author Emma Steinbeck book cover.

An Alpha Protector’s Fobidden Love

By Emma Steinbeck

Publisher Description

I’m dancing in my parent’s living room, celebrating my acceptance into Princeton.

That’s when Xander walks in, enjoying the show.

He goes to congratulate me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but I turn my head the wrong way, and he kisses me for what seems like forever.

Now, years later, after calling off my wedding and the tragic loss of my sister, Xander is back.

Seeing my best friend Kayla is interested in Xander, I try to play matchmaker.

But after my boyfriend breaks things off to follow his dreams in Europe, Xander is there to hold me.

I know deep down this is where I belong.

Thinking of Kayla, I tell myself Xander’s off-limits, but we keep finding ourselves in bed together.

Now, how do I tell my best friend what has been going on behind her back and that I’m pregnant with his baby?



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