The Contract by author Eva Haining. Book One cover.

The Contract

By Eva Haining

Publisher Description

The day I landed my dream job, I thought the sacrifices I made were finally worth it.

When I uprooted the life I built in Boston and moved to Manhattan, I never thought it would lead me back to him.
He was my first. My everything.
I know I should walk away, but it’s always been him.

It’s always going to be him.

You can try to outrun fate, but, in the end it will find you.

The day I left for college, I left my heart behind.
Leaving Dalton Rutherford was the hardest moment of my life, and I lost all hope of the future we had planned.
Having made a new life for myself, I had no idea my path would lead me back to him.
Now I have to make a choice. The career I’ve worked so hard for, or the man I’ve always loved?
The first man I ever loved, and the only Dom I’ve ever wanted.



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