Nanny for the Bossy Daddy by author Ava Nichols book cover.

Nanny for the Bossy Daddy

By Ava Nichols

Publisher Description

I have a weakness for bad boys… even with the one I just slept with who is now my new boss… Jack Steele is a handsome, mature, grumpy Billionaire single dad… and a sizzling bad boy that women can’t resist. So, when we bumped into each other at a local bar, I let him show me his bad boy ways. But then, I started my new nanny job, and my heart just about stopped—my new boss is Jack. Now, I’m caring for his daughter and I love her like she’s my own. So he’s off-limits. All we do is bicker and disagree. Until he steps up to protect me. And I see another caring side to him. Then I walk in with him wearing nothing but a towel—with his well-muscled back and tattoos—-and I can’t help but let him dive into forbidden territory. His touch is intoxicating and makes every inch of my body quiver. But now, two lines on the stick show—he’s going to be a daddy again. I know our connection is undeniable. But Jack hasn’t healed his past. And I can’t risk heartache. Or will Jack finally be ready to open his heart to me?



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