Best Practices

In a sea of promotion services, the Wild Heart Romance newsletter promotion delivers on your benefit-cost ratio.  Here are a few facts worth knowing about our incredible audience.

#1 – Our audience loves sizzling erotica romance. To get an idea of what books perform well, be sure to visit our Books page.

#2 — In this business, our audience does read a book by its cover. Book covers need to be attractive and professional.

#3 – 66% of our audience prefer reading their steamy new romance novels via Apple Books. 33% prefer Amazon KDP. Finding an audience who prefers Apple over Amazon is rare.  To optimize your return from the Wild Hearts Romance newsletter, consider publishing your book on the Apple Books marketplace.  If your book isn’t currently published on the Apple Books marketplace, consider using Creative Online Pub’s turn-key services to do so (and in many cases they’ll even pay you an advance).  If you would like to learn more about self-publishing on the Apple Books marketplace, read this.

#4 — Make sure your book has a minimum of 10-20 reviews. (Books must also be high quality for ANY promotion to work.)