Pregnant for Best-Friend Biker Daddy

Pregnant for Best-Friend Biker Daddy by author Izzie Vee. Book Twenty-Two cover.

Sick and tired of the city’s hustle and bustle, Laura took her best-friend, Ava’s invitation to escape it all by visiting her small-town. Clean fresh air, quiet nature and serenity, It was everything Laura needed, except, This visit was gonna turn her entire life upside-down. It started the moment she saw Jack riding by on […]

Stuck with the Mafia Boss

Stuck with the Mafia Boss by author Broxy Hart book cover.

Not only is he mafia and twice my age, but he’s also my dad’s best friend. As the daughter of a mafia boss, NYC always felt safe. Until I was attacked. To keep me safe, my father orders me to stay with Ronan, his best friend. There’s just one problem. Ronan was my first crush. […]

Grumpy Billionaire Silver Foxes

Grumpy Billionaire Silver Foxes by author Penelope A. Ryan book cover.

My silver fox grumpy boss needs me to be his fake fiancé to save his business. I almost punched this gorgeous grump over a bouquet of daisies. Turns out he is my new boss. Billionaire Boss Next Door: An Enemies to Lovers Off-Limits Romance I can’t stop having steamy fantasies about my best friend’s Dad […]

Flyboys of Sweet Briar Ranch Box Set Collection

Flyboys of Sweet Briar Ranch Box Set Collection by author Jessie Gussman book cover.

Ex Airforce mechanics and pilots buy Sweet Briar Ranch in North Dakota and find their forever loves in the Flyboys of Sweet Briar Ranch series. Get swept away in this sweet romance collection featuring the first eight books of the series!

Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness by author Ajme Williams book cover.

Witness protection. Forbidden crush. Now he’s a ruthless killer and I’m pregnant with his child. Liam was supposed to be my FBI guardian angel. Now, he’s the monster who kidnapped me. One explosive night. One life-altering secret. Will the Prince of Darkness return for the child he doesn’t know exists? This is no fairy tale. […]

Club Sex

Club Sex by author Tatumn Dixon. Book One cover.

Following a twenty-year marriage filled with average sex, Jessica Ward meets a sexy, open-minded man who proposes a sex-life that’s anything but ordinary. On their first date, Kyle reveals his deepest desires to Jessica, which include some of the kinkiest things she’s ever heard—and has her sensual curiosity piqued. Ready to be seduced into a […]

The Musician and the Mogul

The Musician and the Mogul by author Diane DuLac book cover.

Gabrielle I need a new life, a new me. Never again will I let anyone hurt me. Escaping far away from home, I find a new purpose – taking care of a sweet 8-year-old, Molly, who lost her parents. Her uncle, and guardian, is gorgeous, intelligent, and kind. He is also haunted by a family […]

Explicit Instruction

Explicit Instruction by author Sandra Rae book cover.

Lost, Flick walks into a nightmare. More terrifying than the evil that captured her, a looming silhouette offers a reprieve. The epitome of danger, Rushe is abrupt, crude, domineering… and her only hope for survival. Unlike anyone she’s ever known, he tells her what he wants, in such hot and filthy ways that her only […]