Love Worth Making

Love Worth Making by author Kay Knolls book cover.

Nadia and I are like oil and water, but we’ll put aside our differences to get our best friends down the aisle. Working closely with Nadia causes me to realize she and I aren’t so different. There’s no denying there’s chemistry between us. Things really get complicated after we sleep together. I think I’m falling […]

Kaleidoscopic Shades

Kaleidoscopic Shades by author David A. Neuman book cover.

Joshua Triplow is just your average kid living in what he believes is the best place on Earth: Corona, California. Only a recurring nightmare begins to plague him – and all the other kids in the best place on Earth – of a man in black… the very same who continues to haunt his father’s […]

Beneath the Stars

Beneath the Stars by author Emily McIntire. Book One cover.

Alina Carson meets Chase Adams when she’s eleven years old, after he moves in down the street carrying nothing but a chip on his shoulder and dimples in his cheeks. Immediately she falls, loving him before she even knows what loving is. But becoming best friends with Chase’s little sister means that he’s off-limits, no […]

Broken Cowboy

Broken Cowboy by author Jamie Schulz book cover.

Two lives cross in a fateful roadside encounter. When ranch life turns deadly, will their unexpected love survive? Addie Malory is struggling to improve the rundown farm she bought. And though she knows she can’t do it alone, she won’t tolerate men who think they can just take advantage of a pretty woman. Worried all […]

Secret Triplets for Christmas

Secret Triplets for Christmas by author Ajme Williams book cover.

Oliver She was meant to be mine all along. When I let my foster brother have the girl of my dreams, I never expected to find him in a pool of his own blood… in his now ex-girlfriend’s house. In a night of weakness, I soothed his ex, Lindsay McKinnon, fighting my own feelings that […]

Saved By A Bad Boy Billionaire

Saved By A Bad Boy Billionaire by author Sienna Weaver book cover.

He’s a gorgeous bad boy, and I want to believe this ex-marine is the billionaire hero he seems to be. Even if he doesn’t remember that sizzling night in LA, it still leaves me breathless. When I ran from LA in fear of my life, leaving him was the hardest part. Everything’s been hard these […]

Lies From My Best Friend’s Brother

Lies From My Best Friend's Brother by author Sienna Weaver book cover.

As I open my eyes, I see a dark-haired, green-eyed man in the corner chair. The last thing I expect is that he’s my BFF’s billionaire cousin, whom I don’t remember. I’m in the hospital with no recollection of why I’m here. Nicholas Saint-Michael – even his name is sexy. He is eye-candy gorgeous, and […]

Destiny of Magic

Destiny of Magic by author Tia Didmon. Book One cover.

I fled Spirit Falls as soon as I was old enough, and the Darkwind council was happy to see me go. But it’s been twenty years and they are short on hunters in their supernatural war. So when they offer my son a place in their ranks, I portal myself to the council chambers in […]

For the Protection of a Woman

For the Protection of a Woman by author Kat Tappan book cover.

Ten-year-old Sara Campbell has strict rules to follow at home ever since her mother died from Double X–a lethal virus that affects only women and has now killed 96 percent of the world’s female population. Sara, like every other surviving female, is permanently confined to her home by law in an attempt to contain the […]

Her Knight’s Christmas Gift

Her Knight's Christmas Gift by author Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple book cover.

Mirren’s passion for her mighty knight, Sir Carrick, knows no bounds. Her adoration for her loving husband is the foundation their marriage, and she gives him everything his heart desires. But there is one thing she cannot give him. As the Yuletide season approaches, their desperation to give each other the perfect holiday gift tears […]